Elias Tanenbaum -Discography

Variations for Orchestra, CRI Records , SD 149, 1958

Patterns and Improvisations for Brass Quintet and Tape, Desto Records, DC 6477, 1969. Listen to Tracks

Arp Art, Desto Records, DC 7130, 1972. Listen to Tracks

Fantasy for Four Harps and Tape, Musical Heritage Society, #3307, 1974. Listen to Track

Rituals and Reactions, CRI Records, SD 354, 1974. Listen to Tracks

Contradictions, CRI Records, SD 483, 1974.

Transformations for Flute and Tape, on New Music for Flute by Katherine Hoover, Leonarda

Last Letters from Stalingrad, Albany Records, Cat# Troy 247, 1997. Listen to Tracks

Keep Going: The Music of Elias Tanenbaum, Ensemble Pi, Ravello Records, 2010 – Listen to Tracks

Breathing Lessons, Music for Saxophone Quartet, New Hudson Saxophone Quartet, Naxos, 2011. Listen to Tracks

As She Sings, David Tanenbaum, New Focus Recordings. There is a piece written for David by Elias Tanenbaum. Cover by Jacob Tanenbaum