Elias Tanenbaum – Composer

“You know at once that a really authentic creative mind is at work” High Fidelity

“Tanenbaum’s score exploited every element of the occasion, from Guastafeste’s seamlessly rich, velvety tone to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s brilliant virtuosity.” Wynne Delacoma, The Chicago Sun-Times.

Welcome to the Homepage of composer Elias Tanenbaum. This site presents an archive of Mr. Tanenbaum’s work. Here you can access information about Mr. Tanenbaum, and search through his list of over 140 works by title, instrument or category. You will also find reviews and ordering information for music and records. There are areas to hear sound clips and even download scores. Click on any of the buttons to begin.

Elias Tanenbaum’s entire catalog is available for purchase from the American Composer’s Alliance. Click here to order.