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bulletVariations for Orchestra, CRI Records , SD 149, 1958, Sample Available, Order,


bulletPatterns and Improvisations for Brass Quintet and Tape, Desto Records, DC 6477, 1969. No longer available, Reviews


bulletArp Art, Desto Records, DC 7130, 1972. No longer available, Reviews, Samples Available


bulletFantasy for Four Harps and Tape, Musical Heritage Society, #3307, 1974. No longer available Sample Available.


bulletRituals and Reactions, CRI Records, SD 354, 1974. Order, Reviews


bulletContradictions, CRI Records, SD 483, 1974. Sample Available, Order


bulletTransformations for Flute and Tape, Leonarda


bulletLast Letters from Stalingrad, Albany Records, Cat# Troy 247, 1997. To order from Albany Records, call (800) 752-1951, Sample Available, Albany Records Homepage, Reviews